Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On Frauds and Phonies

Rob Granito. My two cents.

"Jabba's Palace" 2008
Both of these illustrations are by me. The first was done when I was timid about my own style, and was looking at Mike Mignola's work for "guidance." The second was done after Scott Allie, editor for the Hellboy books, called me out for imitating Mignola. As it turned out, I had ability. That was two years ago, and I've gotten better since then. And I'm still a struggling cartoonist.

"Jabba's Palace" 2009
Rob Granito slapped paint on blown up copies of other cartoonists' work and called it his own. Or he traced their work. He padded out his resume by making things up. He bilked a lot of unsuspecting people out of their money.

But who the hell is this guy?!

Seriously. Beyond what he did, nobody knows who he is or where he came from. Everyone is very quick to hate him, to mock his strangely worded and spelled emails, his poor attempts at photographing himself "working." But there's something more going on here. His emails make him come across as someone with a mental disability, but he's managed to do what he's been doing for several years now. He looks like a harmless doofus, but he has an armed bodyguard. He might have kids. He might be married. It might be part of the lie. Surprising how that bit of information seemed to come out well after the very public outing of his scam.

I think judgment should be withheld for a bit. Granito should be banned from any and all comic conventions. It should be known what he was doing, and there's no excuse and no way to say what he did wasn't wrong. But the bloodlust? I think that can wait.

On a separate note,  Marvel Comics requested sample work from me a while back. That counts as working for Marvel, right?

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